“Authentic & Aligned” Pricing

This is for you if:

  • You get stuck when it comes to putting a price on your offer
  • You believe in your prices just for a moment and then you start questioning it
  • You price your offer but then you change them in an effort to respond to the experience your outer reality and to gain traction

This is also for you if:

You are one of my past clients and have worked through the Archetypal model and/or done any Akashic sessions or Astrological sessions with me, and you find yourself fitting into the boxes above because you are now in a new reality and require guidance in anchoring your new reality or refinement for the things you already know. Please do not get tripped up by the language I use here. There is refinement to the words “authentic and aligned” based on your level of advancement.

By the end of this document you will be able to:

  • Create Authentic and Aligned Pricing for at least one of your offers
  • Recognize the why behind your resistance in pricing your offer AND clear it
  • Ask for support if you get in the way of your own success.

Before we go any further, please remember the following:

  1. I am a powerful and graceful Change & Transformation Agent. You accepted this document to initiate your next uplevel. By receiving this document we are already sharing a field of consciousness. This is the first step in your own intimacy. Change is already happening. You decide on the depth and the width of the experience, so let’s get started - go ahead and send me a message to acknowledge where you are and what you want.

  1. This material is very powerful and simple, so much so that if you are expecting to hear Angels singing or a field of Truthbombs then you won’t get that. It is not that you won’t get those experiences from me but you will never get them if you are only wanting them for entertainment purposes and being addicted to the next ‘high’ or if you are looking for the silver bullet. If that is the case then it simply means that you currently have attachment and expectations for a certain outcome. (This will be addressed in the 5 Day Supernatural Cash Flow Challenge.)

  1. If you are too human and in your head, this will sound like it's missing the adrenaline rush that comes from having your mind blown. In other words, I am focused on you embodying and integrating the experiences vs having mental orgasms. I invite you to breathe, be present with the Truth of who you are and ask to be shown the Truth - whether you like it or not. Paradoxically, if you do this ‘right’, the thrill of being alive at this time on the planet and living your best life becomes inevitable.
  1. Receiving is a very sacred practice. It is meant to be honored. Don’t be a know-it-all, or have a power struggle with yourself. Please. If you are more committed to that dynamic than to your own evolution then you are in the wrong place. It kills the magic of the Creator working in your life in mysterious and powerful ways. There is always a new level to go to or refinement to the current level that you are in.

  1. You are having an experience of my codes and my frequency. These are not nice words on a page. The words are not ‘the magic’. It is the energy behind them. Don’t be a copycat because that is diminishing your own power. What you receive as nourishment here can look very different from the actual work that you do. I am here to support that very unique frequency that makes you, YOU.

A ‘Pricey’ Observation: 
A common struggle for coaches

I’ve noticed that a lot of business owners and especially online coaches and healers struggle with naming the price for their offers and logically so - for I believe “pricing” is a very intimate spiritual experience.

Before I get into the anatomy of what I mean by it being spiritual, first let us address the practical ‘foundation’.

Many people have been taught that in order to price your offer or product, your first priority is to ensure that you make a profit - which obviously is what is required for your business to remain a business - otherwise it’s a hobby.

That means that traditionally you must know:

  • the cost to obtain the product or skill
  • the additional costs in actually acquiring the skill/product, ie. transportation, licensing, taxes, legal fees, transaction fees etc.
  • the prices for the other versions of that 'said product/service' in the market
  • what your price would be in order to sell it AND make a profit (after deducting all the additional cost attached to the delivery of the product/service), etc.

And all of what I said above is good and nothing new. Profit first. But having this knowledge and putting these things in place does not guarantee a sale, because these are not the first steps in the process. 

If one makes this the first step, then the mindset or forced behavior is towards cutting expenses and making a profit the top priority. In other words, if one’s main focus in one’s business is to keep the business afloat and profitable, then the ability to create freedom and raise the quality of life gets lost in transition. 

The first step in making a sale is that your prices are pure (the energy and intention behind it), so that you are consistent and sustainable in the Truth of your choice when navigating the ins and outs and the fun roller coaster called entrepreneurship.

Is The Price Right? - The Energetic Anatomy of Communication & Transmission Within You & YOU

Pricing has always been a spiritual practice for me.

And when I’m too human* about it, my pricing will not be on point. It is as simple as that.

  1. The Human Mind

What do I mean by saying we are being ‘too human’? This is my terminology. I mean sometimes we get in our heads so much that we kill the magic of the Creator working with and through us.

We all know that our logical mind can be tricky and play games with us. We may look at what others are charging and what would be “reasonable”. We might also compare with our own previous offers, looking at what was successful in other launches. 

For instance your logical mind might say; “When I sold my offer for $200 nobody bought it from me, therefore I should sell it for $100.” That would make sense, won’t it? “Or how much I need to make in order to have it be profitable, and that would indicate a certain number.” And while these are factors to consider, it does not have the final say on the price. Why? Because none of these things have any relevance for the success of a truly divinely received offer. (And paradoxically all those logical parameters are met, when one follows that guidance.)

Remember! This is what to do: Don’t be ‘too human’ about it so you can get your human mind out of the way.

  1. Hearing The Divine

Usually in order to price your offer, three things are required in the energetic frame of the offer, and these pieces will drop into your conscious awareness just in any order and at any time. So it matters not when that happens but more importantly that you hear, recognize it and honor it WHEN it happens.

Let me just say that in this context I use the word ‘hearing’ loosely. In this context, I mean any one/or combination of your clair-abilities (clairvoyance = clear seeing, clairaudience = clear hearing, clairsentience = clear feeling and claircognizance = clear knowing). These skills are refined in our journey together as you apply the guided principles.

That being said, here is what will show up for you:

  1. The name of the offer: The name may show up as a word. A feeling. And then it fully lands once you embrace the initial nudge.
  1. The duration of the offer: Then you see the start date of the offer and the home (the platform you use for delivery and retrieval) of the content.
  1. The price of the offer: When the price drops into your awareness: Determine if it came from your logical mind or from higher consciousness. This is important because your human self may base it on evidence from your past experiences. Determine if you have any resistance to the number. Sometimes the ‘energetically correct’ number drops in and it’s for you to rise to the occasion but your human is freaking out.

The energy of the price in your body: the price must feel like “This is it!”. You may be able to do that for yourself or your mentor may choose to be the conduit for you if you are now cultivating the ability to recognize and act on your intuitive abilities.

It is imperative that you understand that you will have a sense of excitement mixed with nervousness. Your human is freaking out and your Higher Self is thrilled at you stepping into the expansion of the experience.

Another important pointer here is, if you are following your intuition enough, then the steps above will drop into your field in a different order to ensure that you stay out of sitting in your logical mind. How does one know if they are not being so ‘heady’ about it? The answer is, “By being tested!” Yes, you will have things show up in your reality to test your ability to build the capacity & speed in using your intuitive muscles vs your logical mind.

Remember! This is what to do: Listen to the first nudge. Use your Clairs!

  1. Receiving it (human)

You have to be able to receive (hear) the price of the offer. So you are able to receive the price (the cash) that you say that you want. I know it sounds straightforward but it can be such a frustrating experience when we are off kilter, and one recognizes that one cannot seem to energetically receive the actual payment of the offer.

There are many different ways of blocking receiving.  The most common ones are:

  • if you believe that you are not worthy of having it
  • if you have judgment around wealthy people
  • if you believe you have to work hard/earn your stripes for it
  • if you are too busy busting your a** off - but no matter how much you do, you never seem to get done and then you never have enough.
  • if you can only ‘receive’ it if it is given/gift to you but not if you’re the one selling it

Why is this important in the energetics of the price? If these things are in place then it's likely that you are struggling in making an offer.

Remember! This is what to do: Expand your human capacity to receive.

  1. Keeping/Growing it (energetics)

Holding the tension of not only making the money, but also keeping/growing the money is an art.

Think about it this way, if you are receiving the cash but as soon as it comes in, something happens and it goes right out the door then you would want to raise your prices in a desperate attempt to fix that problem. However, the Truth is that your field has an “energy leak” so no matter how much you raise your prices, you will be scrambling in your sales prices to fill “a bucket that has a hole in it”.  

You will find that you create experiences such as unexpected expenses in forms of a crashed laptop, car breaking down etc which drains your account from the money you just made or received. Yet these experiences are meant to be catalysts in our reality. It can be a blessing in disguise. That is why it is so important for you to discern what is happening vs blaming and shaming yourself for being in this situation in the first place.

Just think about how many people who get rich in a short time will also seem to lose it  over a fairly short time-span. Because they haven’t built the strength in their container to hold the energy of the money. Maybe they are used to making 5k/month, and suddenly they make 50k/month, and the expenses rise because of new support required in the business etc. This situation can seem detrimental for one person who is unaware of what is required, while it can support the other person in rising to the next level and create even more cash.

First of all this is taking into consideration that you already know who you are, what you are great at and what you do to support another in changing their reality.

Remember! What to do: Understand your relationship with wealth and wealth-building.

The Truth is always hidden in plain sight and I love revealing the patterns and paradoxes that exist in your story, why it exists and what your Divine frequency actually looks like while having the human and superhuman experience. ~ Kavita

Backstory: A Glimpse Of Divine Intervention

I have been in this online coaching industry since 2014. However, I did not know I would choose the coaching industry. I was in the IT industry and had worked my way up the corporate ladder to being a General Manager and the right hand for the CEO. I didn’t need to change my role. Everything seemed great.

However, back in 2012 I ‘heard’ that my time in the IT industry was up. It was time to honor my intuitive gifts. And I panicked. Naturally. At the time, I reached out to someone who did Akashic Records for me as she was my trusted advisor and shared my predicament with her. She knew that I knew what was required of me, but my human was freaking out.

I was asked to let go of an established identity that was 15 years in the making. I was asked to drop the network of friends, international business associates and close partnership with my colleagues and giants in the industry and my Higher Self was on board with this Divine plan.

One day, as I took 15 minutes to meditate before going to the office, I fell into an indescribable space of ‘sweet silence’. My mind was utterly still. My eyes were open. I could move my body but my mind was completely still. Silent. Not from restraint or me holding my breath being in awe of this experience, but me living and breathing this experience while being in the human body.

It was sooo soooo good! I was enthralled. Ecstatic. Euphoric.

I remember taking myself out of that experience by saying out loud to myself, “Ok. I need to get myself to the office.” It felt bitter-sweet and I really didn’t want to leave so I said out loud as I was making my way to the front door. “God, why can’t I work for you?! I love that experience. Can I have more of that experience?”

I smiled, thought nothing more of it and got myself to the office.

And just like that, I was told that I would be laid off. My salary was pretty high and it seemed like the right financial thing to do. However, I knew why this happened. I tried my best to suppress a grin and graciously accepted the experience. I shortened my time to spending one more week at the office to train the people who were going to step up to fulfill all of the roles that I played.

I was guided to have my second child and start an online business - and in just my second intuitive reading, someone paid me.

I later did an Akashic Reading for an accountant and it was so good that she tipped me 185% more + the price that I charged her. (How I got into doing Akashic Records would be a story for another day.)

And so this new phase of my journey began.

More About Working With Me:

I started my spiritual journey when I was 16 years old. I have gone through many modalities to understand the language of my supernatural experiences throughout my life. My life is a series of miracles because of my deep faith and trust in the Divine Creator. My level of gratitude and grace increases daily as my power is amplified in potent and mysterious ways. Practically speaking, this supports you in making the right decisions in your business, having the right tech systems, evolving your consciousness from survival mode to thriving and accessing your own God-given birthright, and then truly being an instrument for the Divine to flow and work through you.

  • I believe, we all get to be a blessing to the world without the traditional ways of sacrifice.
  • I believe, we are wired for success and we have created this human experience to remember who we are and have a visceral experience of our own essence including enjoying the experience of God’s glory.
  • I believe, we have the same energetic DNA and access to God’s powers as we are made in the image and likeness of Him, and because we are given free will, we also have the power to create contrast and breath-taking experiences while in this human body.
  • I believe, the best life we live is to be a living testimony of God’s work.
  • I believe, that I’m here to support you in that mission of accessing your divinity in human form and being superhuman

Working with me requires the following from you:

Complete trust in who you are and what you are guided to do and having me as your guide. Ironically I will also be the guide to remind you of who you are and what you are guided to do, as you shed all that isn’t the real version of you.

Complete honesty and transparency in our interactions.

If not, you won’t get what you came here for.

If you are guided to work with me in a 1:1 capacity then we will work more intensely on the frequencies of trust, submission, multiplication and amplification of who you are.


Tools are not necessary, they can be helpful when applied with discernment

I believe that the Akashic Records and other modalities are tools that can help to elevate and accelerate our levels of awareness in accessing our superhuman while we are here having a human experience. That means that I don’t depend on the tools; however if we are in need of clarity then these tools support our journey in lifting the veils of illusion.

Knowing it and applying it is the first level of mastery. Here timing and precision is the difference between great and mastery.

Maybe you already have such practices in place but you are off in your timing and application of it. In other words, you don’t know how and when to use it or why YOU are doing other than reasoning with yourself that “this is the thing I should do”.

If you are NOT able to discern the voices in your head then that is not something I can help you with via this document. That would require us to have a shared space in you working with me to build that discernment muscle in recognising the voices in your head and their purposes.

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